From the moment Brooke & Steve got in touch with GoGrapher, we had a feeling that it would be something special. GoGrapher had never met and had only spoken through social media and whatsapp, we think it’s safe to say we have never photographed a couple so physically and spiritually beautiful. Brooke told GoGrapher that she always wanted to get some amazing intimate photos with Steve a but our GoGrapher Vacation Photographer in Goa was blown away the moment when they arrived, and the place where Brooke & Steve got their honeymoon photography in Goa done, took our breath away – it was insanely magical. Though GoGrapher had a very small 1 hour slot to finish off the honeymoon couple photography in Goa but somehow it all worked out and we have an inkling that things like these only happen to special people.

GoGrapher will always remember how appreciative they were throughout the entire couple photoshoot in Goa, how the light was perfect, the warmth of that clear day, the love between the two of them, and the genuine joy in the air as the two souls were in true love. This is probably the longest and the most visually appealing photo story we’ve ever done, jotted down in the shortest possible manner. Take your time, and if you immerse yourself till the end, we promise you a beautiful story and a perfect ending.

I pray that you never forget true love, that honeymoon bubble never pops”